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Hi, my name is Georgia and I'm a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. Exercise has always been my zen place and it's that hour or two in the day that I use to switch off from work and technology to focus on one thing - me.


Exercise means different things for everyone, for some it's working towards a goal, for some it's a social activity, for others it's a profession or a stress release. For me, exercise is a bit of all of those things and it incorporates so many parts of my day from running with the dog, to hiking mountains to strength training at the gym. But there's one thing that the different types of exercise should all have in common, which is, it should be a positive experience & ultimately it should be fun.

For a lot of people, exercise is mundane, repetitive, a chore, daunting and just down right unenjoyable. Which is where I come in. I became a PT to help people be able to find an exercise routine that works for them & one that they don't just enjoy, but that they love and can't wait to do again.

Yes I can help you get fitter, faster, leaner & stronger, that's our main job as a PT right?! But I can also help you do all this with a smile.

I know sometimes it can be absolutely terrifying walking into a gym on your own, particularly if you've never done it before. Or maybe it's not the gym, maybe you just don't know where to start or how to progress your exercise journey further or maybe you're lacking motivation or confidence and that is absolutely okay. Remember, we all started our fitness journey from scratch at one point or another, and that the majority of us have fallen out of routine at least once (myself included!).

But if you would like to start feeling empowered and get your fitness goals back on track then contact me today, I'd love to partner you on your fitness journey.

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